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Enjoy Lahna's Chocolates

Indulge in freshly made chocolate confections

Order now for Mothers Day.  We can package small boxes and treats for your religious congregation just call Lahna on her cell phone 801-209-4415. 

Chocolate is Love that you can eat.

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The Journey

The story of my inspiration

After 31 years of making chocolates and treats for family and friends, I put together a chocolate company that reflects my love and devotion to this fine edible art, and to the memory of Grandma Florence Prows.

In the later years of Grandma's life, my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity of living with, and caring for her. As each holiday season approached, I helped Grandma make her famous chocolate treats creating timeless memories and sweet traditions.

Family stories tell of one snowy morning during the Great Depression when Grandpa Prows—looking for work in a difficult economy—found a $5 bill under the windswept snow. After much consideration on how the newfound treasure should be spent, Grandma offered to take s